At DrivenByQ we can accept cash, credit cards and payments on account. The majority of our corporate accounts prefer monthly VAT invoices (on 14 or 30 day terms) complete with cost-centres and PO numbers. Alternatively we accept in-car card payments (including Amex) with email receipts sent immediately after the transaction has been completed.

Cash Payments

As a licensed company, any one of our drivers can issue a hand written DrivenByQ receipt for a cash payment. Please note, as most of our work is paid on account, our drivers do not carry a great deal of change. The payment will need to be made in £ sterling unless agreed in advance.

Credit Card Payments

Card payments are accepted in the vast majority of our vehicles. This is useful for passengers who are responsible for their own costs. All major cards are accepted including Visa, Mastercard and AMEX. Most of the in-car card readers have a swipe facility for US cards as well as a chip and pin for European cards. An email receipt is sent immediately after a payment is processed.

Invoiced Accounts

Subject to a credit check, DrivenByQ can establish an account for invoice payments. Online bookings include a cost centre for each individual journey. Invoices are sent electronically on the 22nd of each month as a PDF. DrivenByQ are also registered with Tungsten and SAP Ariba. If you work with a different portal we are happy to investigate this option.

Choice of Payment Terms

A choice of 14 or 30 day payment terms are offered to account customers. Please note there is a cost saving for accounts opting for 14 day terms. Two accounts (or more) can be established for any organisation and linked in our booking system. If required two (or more) separate invoices can be dispatched to different departments. DrivenByQ is a registered Limited Company with VAT number 914646713.