I’m currently trying to stay below the radar on social media. Historically it was different. Our social media would have been used to raise the profile of DrivenByQ. The aim was to generate new leads or reinforce our presence on the Internet. A year ago, I was creating lots of new posts and content in the hope of new business. The work it may have generated was welcome. Any interest at all was wanted, even just a comment on a post.

Picture of a low profile chauffeur saloon car
Executive saloon car keeping a low profile

We are witnessing more attention in our social media these days. New posts seem to generate lots of interest. There is a high likelihood of them converting to new business too. It is a bit of an odd situation. Just a basic photo of a vehicle will generate a price request but, we have very little capacity to accept new trade. It is exasperating to have a chauffeur shortage in the face of such opportunity.

It is a very tricky situation. The intensity of high demand which all chauffeur companies are experiencing means it is increasingly challenging to fulfill new bookings. There is an overwhelming shortage of drivers and the circumstances are only getting worse. More and more people are leaving the chauffeur industry and nobody is joining.

With the real possibility the economy may slow down, it is prudent to increase the size of the pool our work comes from. That said, it is foolish to over promise and under-deliver. I guess the best option is to stay below the radar for just a little bit longer and maintain our reputation. Hopefully, in just a few more months, it should give us a better idea of what to expect from the economy and understand if new financial and social media investment is worthwhile.