Boom, and just like that, business travel returns to normal again. Two years after the pandemic virtually shut our business, it is like releasing the pause button. It is good to experience corporate travel back in full swing and our job count increasing rapidly. With seventeen years behind us, we have plenty of statistics to compare and judge what is occurring.

After waiting so long for a proper upturn in business travel, we were experiencing a marketing quandary. We wondered if it was time to promote a different revenue stream and diversify. A fairly new entrant in the local chauffeur market seems to be doing well with their website and social media posts. We have to remember however that despite our volume reducing over the last two years, it is still significantly higher than any potential competitor.

How can we be so sure business travel is still the best performing sector? How do we know we have greater volumes than any competition may boast? Well, that is easy. Just look at our VAT registration number and the lack of theirs. A company only needs a turnover of £1,635 a week to legally require VAT registration and quite frankly, that really doesn’t take much.

Specializing in the corporate market and having a niche service for business travel has been tough. It has been even tougher to see other sectors recover while still waiting for ours to get off the ground. Now that business travel is back in full swing however and we are busy providing our service, it is reassuring and it feels fantastic.