After thirty percent growth in 2018, DrivenByQ are looking at changing gear. We want to repeat the growth trend but on a bigger scale. The only issue is that our local market is starting to look somewhat saturated. The majority of large companies in our area (who have travel requirements), already use DrivenByQ. The few which don’t use our service seem hesitant to change suppliers.

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A couple of our drivers are really keen to chase new business. I am too. We come at it from different angles though. We could chase smaller accounts but in reality, our niche is looking after bigger companies. Smaller companies could happily be supplied by a one-man-band operation who has lower overheads. DrivenByQ fulfill a niche for business customers who spend upward of £20k a year on their ground travel. These are the customers who need someone more organised (like DrivenByQ).

In my approach, it is better to attract one, two or maybe three new customers a year. This streamlines resources and enables closer working relationships so we can develop a true understanding of our customers needs. Our systems, procedures and working methods just suit this model. With our local market reaching saturation point however, we have to look at where this new business will come from and that means changing gear.

With the network of associate chauffeur drivers and chauffeur companies we have established over the last fourteen years, maybe it is time to branch out and look for regional work? We have achieved nearly every goal we have set so far, so why not be ambitious? The question is, where will we find such business? Maybe we need to cast our net wider and brand on a bigger scale for a new type of work to come our way! That certainly does mean a rethink and a shifting up when changing gear.