Building a chauffeur company capable of volume, requires collaboration with other chauffeurs. In fact, it is vital. My last blog, ‘Steve’ was all about my long-term business partner at DrivenByQ. We have worked together for nearly twenty years now. Initially working together as associates. Helping each other to cover the occasional two-car booking. It was our first step toward collaboration.

Mercedes V Class of Junction21 Chauffeurs
The Mercedes V Class of J21 Chauffeurs in Rochdale, England

Once there was enough regular work to sustain ourselves, working together became increasingly frequent. Customers realised we had the capacity to cope with higher volume, so more work came our way. From this point, the structure of our business redefined itself. The process of finding more associates repeated over. It is a little bit of a chicken and egg situation but expanding your network with reliable associates is vital for expansion.

Reassurance to Passengers

Over the years we have been lucky in forming a very good team of committed professionals at DrivenByQ. It has been beneficial, not only has it grown our customer base but it has attracted more drivers too. As well as having our local team, there are chauffeur companies and independent chauffeurs we work with in collaboration. It has provided reassurance to passengers when booking cars in other areas of the UK.

Expanding our network through collaboration has helped enormously. It has provided cars to clients at short notice. It has overcome traffic issues and even reduced costs. One company which has helped DrivenByQ for many years is Junction 21 Chauffeurs in Rochdale. Operated by John Byrne and his family they provide a professional and friendly service. Just like DrivenByQ, they grew from a single car in 2008 to a fleet of executive vehicles in 2020.

Manchester Airport Transfers

Junction 21 Chauffeurs or J21 as they are affectionately known, prove very useful for DrivenByQ. The greatest benefit in collaboration has come when an east-bound road closure has occurred on the M56 motorway. When our own vehicles have been held-up in traffic or prevented from reaching Manchester Airport in time, J21 have saved the day, coming from the north of the Airport instead of the South West.

Picture of J21 E Class
The Mercedes E Class of J21 Chauffeurs at a sporting venue

John is a great contact and we chat regularly. Sometimes it is about new vehicle regulations or licensing conditions or even web design and online promotion. It is good to talk. A cross-pollination of ideas is sometimes the motivation to develop a new direction and keep pushing the boundary for innovation. Our relationship with Junction 21 Chauffeurs is a great example of collaboration between chauffeur companies continuously moving forward.