A competitive advantage in business can be the difference between success and failure. Sometimes a competitive advantage comes from a complex process which takes decades to deploy. Other times it comes from being the first to implement a quick and simple strategy. After a significant gap, senior executives are travelling again. It is good to see them in our vehicles. Striking up a conversation reveals two prime reasons for their travel. The first, is to visit sites and encourage their staff back to the office. The second reason is to visit their customers.

Companies are currently inviting staff back to the workplace. It is important for organizations to bring their people together. What is more, it is the role of senior executives to set goals, focus teams, inject energy and drive them toward achievement. Doing this by personally visiting the workplace builds cohesion and cements their unique culture. It can be intangible and subjective but, that culture can be the key opportunity to differentiate an organization from its competitors.

Image of Manchester Airport Departures Hall
Manchester Airport Terminal 2 Departures

The senior leaders who are savvy, are also using travel to visit their customers. Not only does a visit confirm the importance of a relationship, but right now, it is an amazing opportunity to attract new business. Online meetings are simply no substitute for meeting face-to-face and in person. The chance to pick up on the smallest detail can sometimes lead to the biggest opportunity. After eighteen months of separation, taking time to meet a customer (before your competitor does), is leading to a very distinct competitive advantage.

Identifying a customer’s unmet need is an opportunity to boost market share. Similarly, motivating a team can deliver an outstanding performance. Connecting these two elements and bringing them together is the catalyst for considerable success. All it takes is the recognition of ‘why’ travel is still important. There really is no time like the present to implement, the ultimate competitive advantage.