This week, DrivenByQ turns seventeen years old. It is a wonder we are still standing after the savage cuts to the travel industry during the pandemic. Gladly, this April does not have the stress or uncertainty of the last two years. In fact, we are experiencing a complete turn-around. Bookings are up; business travel is returning to normal and we have plenty of work keeping us busy.

This year is different to all the rest in one particular-way. We are not chasing new work or planning to grow. It may sound counter-intuitive but with driver shortages so rife and a rebound from our existing customers so strong and unpredictable, accelerated growth would be the wrong approach. Instead it is time to consolidate and maintain our reputation.

Over the last year, we have attracted new corporate customers and we are grateful for the new business. It would be foolish however to take on more work right now. Despite the demand for business chauffeur services increasing rapidly, we view opportunity as a long-term proposition. Any company which over-promises and under delivers will quickly fall out of favour with its customers.

For the competition who try and grab all they can, we know it is only a matter of time before they disappoint people. In fact, we have witnessed it already when meeting passengers at airports and rivals are nowhere to be seen. Reflecting on our seventeen years of history, we know full well that success is not a sprint, it is a steady, strategic and carefully paced marathon.