There I was, wandering around a trade show when I spotted a Genesis G80. I thought, ‘that’s unusual’ and moved in for a closer look. At first, I couldn’t relate it to other cars. It was different. It didn’t look the same. With its huge grille and sloping rear lines, it made me curious to know more. Sitting inside, I was immediately impressed with the interior quality. It was more spacious than a Mercedes E Class and dare I say, more comfortable too.

My interest paid off because someone offered me an extended test-drive. I wouldn’t usually take them up on such an offer but, I thought why not. If you have read my blogs or viewed my posts on social media, I have had an interest in EVs (electric vehicles) for a while. Despite driving a few though, none have yet sparked a desire to make a leap to ownership. So far, I have found the budget models too expensive. In comparison, the expensive models feel cheap when considering the interior, build and ride quality.

I was lucky to drive several different EVs back-to-back at ‘Car of the Year 2022’ in Epsom. This opportunity quickly revealed the rapid acceleration some electric vehicles possess. They have a host of new (electronic) driver aids too. Since CotY22, every time I drive an electric car, I am one step closer to liking electric vehicles but I’m still nowhere near close to buying one.

Test driving a modern vehicle for a short period can be overwhelming. The level of driver aids takes some getting used to. Electric vehicles add a level of complexity too with their regenerative braking. In fact, all the driving aids and technology can be so much of a distraction, the car itself can be overlooked. It is unlike an analogue vehicle where you can feel the car through the steering and decide if you like it.

Having an extended test drive not only allows you to appreciate the level of technology and grow accustomed to it, but it also allows you to get a better feel for the driving experience. That is where Genesis really made a difference! It took me a day or two to become accustomed to one pedal driving and the right level of steering assist. Likewise, the heads-up display needed fine adjustment. So, what did I think of the Genesis G80? Well, you will just have to read my next blog about the extended test drive.