It always feels good to reach an achievement milestone. Back in 2005 when DrivenByQ was first established, we didn’t have a clearly defined business plan about where we were going or where we would end up. We just knew there was opportunity in the local area of Wrexham to develop an executive private hire company. Years later, we have achieved something significant.

Picture of a chauffeur driven Mercedes S Class in Wrexham
Mercedes S Class at Croesnewydd Hall in the early years of DrivenByQ

Within a few months of the 2005 start-up, we knew airport transfers had real potential. We also knew that Wrexham Industrial Estate was one of the largest industrial areas in Europe. As a bonus there were two international airports within an hour’s drive and good road networks. Very soon we were introduced to a manufacturing company, and DrivenByQ quickly discovered a niche in the corporate market.

Growing The Business

We developed our email system (which was a relatively new thing at the time), we then developed a database system. Next, we introduced online booking and eventually by 2009, DrivenByQ became fully cloud based – years ahead of any rival. With organized data, it was possible to scale the business and enjoy the economies of scale it afforded. This led to further investment and growth.

We tried many different methods over the years to attract new customers and one by one, the big players came. It was only this year however that the last major company on Wrexham Industrial Estate adopted DrivenByQ as its executive travel supplier (or corporate chauffeur service). They were let down by the poor service of a would-be rival who just couldn’t cope with the administration required to manage such an account.

The DrivenByQ Logo reflects achievement
The DrivenByQ logo

So, seventeen years after establishing DrivenByQ and defining our niche, we have reached an achievement milestone. Having an account to supply every major manufacturing company on Europe’s tenth largest industrial estate is something we are very proud of. Admittedly, it took longer than expected but as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day.