It is ten years since the Wrexham Business Week Ladies Night event we organized. I am looking back and asking ‘what on earth possessed us to do something so risky’? Financially it would have been cheaper to run an extensive marketing campaign over several months. Then I remember a campaign could not deliver personal introductions. The event was for other reasons too.

Hosting An Occasion

First, it put DrivenByQ on the map – with less than five years trading history, we were still fairly new in the executive world. Second, we were able to meet people and become a real company with an atmosphere – something marketing material cannot do. Third the event demonstrated organizational ability and professionalism – not only could we plan and execute at scale but we could deliver with panache.

The final reason DrivenByQ wanted to host an occasion was to prove to a potential customer we really knew our market: to show we could distinguish between a passenger and a booker. We delved deeper and broader in untangling and decoding the requirements of the people who book executive cars. We even went as far as to brand the big night a ‘Ladies Night’ – something of a risk in itself.

The Executive Assistant

In the early years, DrivenByQ was a blank canvas, still looking for a niche. Then we discovered the corporate environment and the world of email. We quickly recognised the bulk of bookings were from executive assistants who were almost always female. Curious to understand why the role is gender specific, I began reading. I came across the book ‘The Female Brain’. Its author (a neuropsychiatrist) explains different stages of development.

It was a fascinating read. I was amazed at the physiological changes occurring through pregnancy, as the ‘mommy brain’ develops. Something else I learnt was all human brains start out as female (with an amazingly complex network of receptors). Unfortunately, when the male gender is assigned, a huge portion of the brain is killed off by testosterone. This aids faster decision making capability under flight-or-fight circumstances: a useful feature if you are a caveman!

Understanding Customers

So, going back to the DrivenByQ Ladies Night, yes we took a risk. Like most business risks however, it was calculated. As a marketing opportunity it brought high levels of exposure – especially to a room full of potential customers. Hosting such an event really makes you feel the intensity of the spotlight! Sometimes though, it is better to take risks. It is better to show first-hand to your customers you have thought long and hard about who they really are, and just how far you are willing to go for them!