When it comes to logistics, DrivenByQ have a lot of experience in door to door delivery services. Whether it be ferrying someone from their home to their office or from the train station to a hotel, we love transporting people. With the current Covid-19 restrictions (which prevent people moving), the demand for chauffeur services has become limited to say the least. With lock down and quarantine measures constantly changing, only essential travel is really taking place.

Image of Mercedes minivan ready for same day delivery and courier services
Mercedes Minivan at Moel Famau in Flintshire

In the wake of Covid-19 it is increasingly apparent business travel will not return to what it was for quite some time. Although some people are travelling and some organizations are extremely busy, it is hardly enough to sustain our operation should the situation continue for another six months. It is time to consider what effect Covid-19 will impose on the foreseeable future. It is time to review what our operation is capable of and how it can adapt.

Same Day Courier

Examining our customer base and the assets at our disposal, door to door delivery services are an obvious alternative to our usual chauffeur activity. It is a niche we can suitably fulfill and in particular business customers are where we perform best. With the recent renewal of our fleet insurance policy we added ‘goods in transit’ to the cover. This would previously have been refused or it would have been an expensive option but even insurance companies are recognising the need to cast their net wider.

On the run up to Christmas and the likelihood shops will be closed or some shoppers will be reluctant to venture out, there could be overwhelming demand for vans and drivers this Christmas. This is not the market we are considering but rather, the increasing demand for express freight and shipping in the logistics industry, could leave a vacuum for specialist same day couriers who focus on sensitive items which require more care or delicacy.

Choice of Courier Vehicles

With a choice of saloon cars, estate cars and people carriers available, DrivenByQ can offer door to door delivery services for all sorts of business items. Our vehicles are high quality and the drivers are something to boast about too. Every member of our team undergoes a group 2 medical, an enhanced police check and they are licensed by a local government authority. Many of our team are qualified at RoSPA Gold standard too, the highest level of civilian driving qualification available.

DrivenByQ drivers are accustomed to discreet operations in the corporate arena. Door to door delivery services are something our drivers have performed for many years: whether it be the urgent delivery of a passport or the shipment of a machine part across Europe. Having said this, complacency is something a chauffeur should never entertain. There always has to be a certain level of respect for the passenger, even if it is an inanimate object.