These days, there are lots of apps to help a chauffeur become a precision chauffeur. Whether it is a flight tracker, a traffic alert or the ability to take a contact-less card payment, apps really help make life more convenient. To add to the list there is an app which DrivenByQ has used for quite a while. It is called what3words and it pinpoints a precise location on a map.

Mercedes V Class on Denbigh Moors located by a precision chauffeur
Nemo the Mercedes V Class on the Denbigh Moors

What3words was originally developed for the emergency services. It is a simple concept but has far reaching advantages. Narrowing down a GPS location to a 3m square can save crucial time in an emergency. As someone who regularly heads off grid and goes mountain biking in remote locations, it is confidence inspiring. It is good to know someone could find your location with ease.

The days of having to rely on instructions have gone. There is no more need to “pass the telephone box, cross the bridge, go round the bend and stop at the second white house on the left”. Neither is there a need to study a range of (online and offline) maps to find a house on a remote three-mile stretch of road. Instead you can add three words to an app and pinpoint a location.

image of how what3words divides an area in to a grid
what3words provides 3m squares with a unique label

This is a revelation in the precision chauffeur world. It helps to find the correct door in an apartment block or locate a new build property on an estate not yet listed. It can also be used to pinpoint a rural location in the dark when there are no visual references available. The beauty in all of this is the simplicity of the what3words operation.

To record a location, a driver can use the app when dropping off a client. This means passengers can be oblivious to the technology. Alternatively, a passenger could be asked for their location in advance. This can be done on the what3words web site (by dragging and zooming a map to a precise position). Otherwise, the passenger can do the same on their phone app. Then all they have to do is pass on their unique three words.

Picture of 2018 Mercedes E Class in a remote location
Mercedes E220d SE Premium at Moel Famau, Flintshire

Admittedly, we were sceptical of what3words at first but it has proven itself time and time again. Writing a long description of how to find a property is no longer required. It is so much quicker and easier to give a driver a what3words location. Customers have found the benefits of the app too. It can help with food deliveries, parcel deliveries and of course assisting a precision chauffeur.