I can still remember the phone call from my Dad asking why there was a delivery truck at his house. It had a tail-lift and a pump truck ready to drop a pallet full of ladies magazines. I can also remember thinking I might have under-estimated the size and weight of 200 such publications. Not to mention the branded gift bags, chocolates and vouchers to go with them.

The Big Event

Over the years we’ve tried lots of marketing activities for DrivenByQ. Probably the biggest one was an event we ran ten years ago. In order to reach our target market of Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants we took advantage of Wrexham Business Week. Not only did we manage to ensure a slot in thousands of newsletters but we actually secured a place on the front page.

Wrexham Business Week 2009 Front Cover
The Front Cover Picture of WBW2009

In order to reach our target market and guarantee their presence at our event, we knew we would have to do something special and call in a lot of favours. As a young business, our funds were scarce and our resources limited. Therefore our ingenuity had to be maxed out. The first thing we had to do was secure an event room at a local hotel and space for over 160 guests.

Free Sponsorship

Luckily as part of the councils ‘Wrexham Business Week’ sponsorship, we acquired the room for free. Through a network of family and friends we also managed to hire a team of hair stylists and beauty therapists at no cost. They were complimented by professional cocktail barmen; an artisan chocolatier; designer shoes and hand bags; and of course the main attraction our special celebrity star from the Coronation Street TV show.

Picture of Jimi with Steve and Mark
Steve with Dev and Mark DJ

The Right Ingredients

To top off the night, our team wore matching dinner suits. On display was the latest Mercedes S Class. Meeting our guests were two (toned) greeters and we had a free prize draw, all lined up for the end of the night. Crucially we really wanted to cement the right atmosphere and reflection of our service. This was aided by the disco music supplied by a relative.

Picture of DrivenByQ special guests with Dev
Selected guests were able to meet Dev and have their photo with him.

Throughout the evening, guests were able to meet the star of the show and have their photo with him. This was all before he entered the stage and entertained them with a questions and answers session. One person even asked how much was a pint of milk in his shop! On reflection the planning and preparation all paid off and the prize draw had an unexpected twist which nobody expected.

The Unexpected Twist

Picture of Jimi at the DrivenByQ Business Week Event
Dev entertaining a room full of DrivenByQ guests

One thing I really wanted to conclude the ladies night was a real feel good factor. Part of this was a prize draw with people receiving gifts in a manner reminiscent of ‘come on down’ from the TV show The Price Is Right. Ready to give away were holiday vouchers, free airport transfers, a flat screen television, a spa treatment with a special night away and then of course was the unexpected prize.

Dev and the special prize-give-away

Star of The Show

Our star of the show was Jimi Harkishin. Better known as Dev Alahan from Coronation Street. From the moment he arrived he was a true professional and thoroughly nice guy. Not only was he great with every guest who attended but he also showed enormous generosity. Just when we thought the prize draw was concluded, Jimi decided to offer another gift – a guided tour of the studios.

Picture of Prize Winners behind the bar at the Rovers Return
A guided tour by Dev around the Coronation Street Studios and the Rovers Return.

Ten Years Later

So did the night register as a success? Well, ten years later, pretty much everyone who attended as an invited guest has become a customer. In addition to this, Jimi delivered on his offer of a guided tour for the winners and even treated them to a meal at a restaurant. It was a little surreal but sometimes, life running a chauffeur company can be like that.