Motorbike Tours of Wales from DrivenByQ the executive transport service? Well, not quite. Still blogging about collaboration, this time there is diversity. From four wheels to two wheels. After all, knowing people and working with them can include any industry, not just your own. Getting to know business owners doing something different is great for idea sharing.

Ducati Supersport S with Mercedes V Class viewing the landscape of Wales
Chauffeur Driven Tours meets Motorbike Tours of Wales

In February 2020, I wrote the blog ‘How to Attract Business Passengers’. It mentioned Business Networking Clubs and the benefits they offer. There are opportunities to gain support through the collective experience of members. There is added security in buying from people you know and trust. Developing good working relationship with other professionals can help nurture your own business. This is mostly done through the network of contacts everyone brings.

A close up picture of the Ducati used for leading motorbike tours
Maja rides a Ducati SuperSport S

Developing a Tour Business

Years ago at a Networking event I met Maja. She was promoting a business which provides exhibition stands. In fact, Maja helped DrivenByQ with a high-profile event in 2009. Since then, she has gone on to develop her business and her passion as a seasoned motorbike rider. More recently she turned her passion for biking into a business of its own – providing Motorbike Tours of Wales on her Ducati SuperSport S.

A view looking at back at Maja and her Ducati motorbike touring North Wales
Maja riding her motorbike in North Wales

Outstanding Landscape of Wales

DrivenByQ occasionally provide chauffeur-driven tours for corporate clients. We are truly blessed in North Wales with outstanding natural beauty. When the opportunity arises, I am always the first driver to volunteer for a tour. Snowdonia offers superb driving roads with magnificent panoramic views of its landscape. To top it off there are miles of coastline and historic castles to visit along with numerous special places to stop at.

A picture of sunset over the sea from Gwaenysgor in North Wales
The sun setting over the North Wales coastline. As viewed from Gwaenysgor.

On one tour, an American gentleman remarked “the USA has the same scenery, but you have to travel for days to see it all”. In North Wales, as you drive along, the surroundings change constantly and provide something different every few minutes. The concept of riding through North and Mid Wales on a motorbike tour and soaking up the views is so simple but utterly brilliant. I am surprised nobody has done it before – there again, we do like to keep our unspoilt Welsh countryside a well-kept secret!

Picture of Maja from Maja's Motorcycle Adventures with her motorbike
Maja with her Ducati motorbike called Bella

So, if you have a motorbike and would like to entertain some guided biking in Wales, why not get in touch with Maja? Maja’s Motorcycle Adventures and guided motorbike tours of Wales has its own web site. There are great pictures and articles detailing Maja’s other escapades! It includes trips to Scotland, Slovenia, the Ducati factory in Bologna and even the Stelvio Pass to name just a few.

If you would like to know more, click the link: