My last Chauffeur Blog focused on managing ‘information’ and understanding systems. Back in the 1990’s when I first learned about quality, the recognised system was BS5750. It was replaced by ISO9000 which focused on traceability and constant improvement of the system employed. So why is it relevant to running a quality chauffeur business?

Well, information and handling information efficiently, is critical to our operation – just like any business. It is vital for information to flow otherwise two things happen: firstly costs increase and secondly, errors occur. Understanding information and technology means improvements can be made with the customer constantly considered.

I often feel quality and information is the basis on which DrivenByQ forms a competitive advantage. So, if I see other people enter the chauffeur industry (especially in the local region) and they consider themselves good drivers or able to afford nice vehicles, it doesn’t raise my concern.

Instead, I like to know what education they have and what qualifies them to be good at working with information. After all, the importance of systems and quality control procedures is crucial if you wish to ramp up volume and maintain high standards for your customers. Only then does it matter if you have a nice car or if you are a good driver or if you are a quality chauffeur.