My last two chauffeur blogs highlight the management principles we use at DrivenByQ. As well as information flow and quality control procedures, we have drawn on the management principles of Toyota and other companies.

One of Toyota’s principles uses an A3 sheet of paper hung on a wall for all to see. It centralises data and shares it without ambiguity. It conveys enough information for the viewer to understand where a project is at or what key information is being reported.

When changes are made, the A3 sheet is simply replaced so updates are retained in a single document. There is no need to retrieve old documents which have been scattered around or altered individually. It ensures ‘everyone’ is working with the most current information.

When I hear of people in the chauffeur industry using pen and paper, I wonder how they track updates and pass data to their team or if errors occur? In contrast, DrivenByQ centralises data in the cloud (just like on the office wall) so that information flows without introducing errors.

It takes me back to a seminar I once attended with the speaker ‘Richard Richardson’ of Harry Ramsden’s fame. Throughout his talk he reinforced management principles of getting the basics right before anything else. As he said, only then can you start to build a great company.